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Plans for non-matchers
good luck
(03-19-2020, 08:53 AM)Guest Wrote: Stellar applicants don’t slip through the cracks. Stellar applications attached to personality issues are avoided. They didn’t “slip through the cracks”.

Senior Resident at Top Program.

There is zero way to quantify or prove this statement.  The Match is often the luck of the draw, a perfect storm of opportunity, luck, and sometimes, nepotism.

I can think of multiple examples over the years of stellar applicants slipping through the cracks and eventually going to a program the next year and having a great residency career.  Don't give up hope if this happens to you.
Any vacancies now?
FWIW, I haven't heard of any new openings or vacancies. Last I heard one of the UIC programs may have had a vacancy and maybe OHSU, but I think that was a while ago and they've since been filled or they're not looking to fill them anymore.

Sorry :/
What happened to UCI?
What do you mean?
Is there data on what most people do after being unmatched neurosurgery? Between reapplying next cycle VS gensx prelim VS SOAP into categorical something else (like IM) VS rads, anes etc..

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