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Pager Pickup
Quick question for the resident crowd that does 24h calls (not night float) -

On a day that you're "on call" what time do you pick up the pager and take over? Who typically has the pager throughout the day - interns, PGY-2/3, APPs? When you take the pager, are they still around working for a few more hours to finish their shift?

Trying to get a sense of what's normal. Thanks-
Our 2s carry the pager throughout the day, sign it out at 5pm to the overnight resident. If the overnight resident is in a case, the two holds it until they get done. Usually they have notes and stuff to finish before going home but for the most part if they’re ready to sign out and they were efficient we cut them loose.
We're similar. PGY2 carries the pager during the day, transitions at 5pm/6am, people stay to finish work that came in on their shift.
Our intern picks up the call phone at start of shift (whenever the chief says rounds start, usually 530am-6am) and hands it off to the night guy at 545pm. The night guy only stays as long as is necessary to finish his ICU notes in the morning. Most of them wind up leaving as soon as morning conference is done (8am). It’s a night float system, with the night guys doing 1 month of nights every 3-4 months

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