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Brain Transplant?
Big Grin 

Now i know this is a far reached question, but knowingly i am aware that brain transplants are not a possibility at this very moment, although head transplant is.

Now i am not aware of how much research is currently going into brain transplant ( research aspect) but i have stumbled upon wondering about life and death the other day, and that the only possible way of living more than expected would be to give a brain it self a new body, now i know that the actual research into rejoining the nerves within the spinal cord is virtually impossible as the tissue it self ( as per research ) will only re join in ideal circumstances. But given that research going well would it be possible one day?

Also would the almost new kid on the block be a game changer ( stem cells ). now i heard that they have grown bladders, livers, limbs etc out of stem cells to be donate to the ones that need them. But would it be possibility to grow a full human body out of them for either a brain itself to be inserted to or the head to be attached onto it ( given the brain is healthy ie. no schizophrenia or alike ). if not so if a body was to be grown out of stem cells, to make sure of a acceptance of the brain or the head would there not be a interest in having a long term subject, ie a person that can donate DNA/blood  in their mid age to develop a full human body that will slowly grow over time to be ready for when it is required. What i mean by that is virtually a replica of a healthy human being created in a lab out of stem cells to have a brain inserted into it once the donor of the blood/DNA is coming to his/hers last days. virtually meaning that they have nothing to loose and have agreed to the research. ( now the thinking is that since the person is passing away anyway that research creates the opportunity for them to possibly double their life expectancy)

Now whether is ethical or not is another question but it would mean that people get a second chance at life it self, or even possibly be a game changer for people that are guaranteed to die prematurely because of an accident or cancer ( as long as it is not brain ).

Now of course if such a thing was a possibility it would have to have regulations and applicability to make sure the world does not become over populated.  but if there was a number of population that agreed not to have children in exchange for them to virtually have their life expectancy doubled, the knowledge and solutions that those people could hold would virtually be endless due to the time that has been made of avail to them.

Now i know all this is a far reach and almost dystopian like but i would be open to hear other peoples discussions ( particularly within the field and people alike that hold interests within such advancements)
This is...a lot.
Head transplant is not possible either currently.

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