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Washington DC
What is the deal with programs in Washington DC? Anyone who has rotated or had any experience with them have any thoughts?
Excluding Walter Reed and NIH, there's Georgetown, GWU, Inova. As someone who went to med school at one of these programs and interviewed at the other ones here are my thoughts -
Georgetown probably has the best overall experience in terms of case volume, research opportunities, and autonomy. They start operating early and progress rapidly. Down side is the case volume and complexity means most residents stay late operating. Their call is bottom heavy with the intern taking most of the call and it can get busy with typically more than 50 patients on their service. They rotate at Washington Hospital Center which is the main Level 1 trauma center in DC and get a lot of their vascular experience there too. Their strongest component is probably spine, especially MIS.
GWU is a smaller program and from my impression, residents didn't seem too happy there. I think they're also in transition with their Chair having left recently as well as a couple of other attendings. Don't know much about Inova since it's relatively new. They did a good job selling the program during the interview and seem to have a lot of mid-level support, which frees up time for operating.

TLDR: if I had to chose one to go to, it would be Georgetown.

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