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ABNS Scores and Percentiles
They haven’t come out yet. Anyone hear a date? I think we have all heard May but a more specific date would be great.
Last year the scores came out after the ABNS meeting, which this year is the first week in may. I would expect either the end of the first week in May or sometime in the second week based off the ABNS meeting this year.
My program director just let me know he got saw my score, but he doesn't know anything else. my program coordinator knows nothing about it either.
Scores are out
still havent gotten mine, took the self-assessment
How do you get the scores? Are they only emailed to your PD or can you view them somewhere? I logged into ABNS hoping to see it somewhere and didnt...
Had to ask program coordinator for mine
Is low 400s a good score for an intern? Didn’t study so I’m not expecting a good score, but then again, never taken it before.
Yes it is
So score reports are accessible via the NBME portal by the PD, PC, and maybe anyone else with the program's log-in info. If you absolutely need to know your score now just call your coordinator. The scores are only available in one giant PDF, so in order to get residents their scores each individual report has to be extracted and saved separately. Full disclosure: witht the exception of the residents who took it for credit, there's also just so much else going on this time of year that tedium like that takes a hit on my priority list. It's way easier on my end to just tell you your score if you really need to know it now.

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