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Case logs
How do you guys keep your case logs?  I've seen a variety of ways.  Obviously, the ACGME log is necessary.  How do you decide which level to put (assistant, senior resident, lead resident)?  For a case that is booked as one case but has multiple parts (e.g. back/front spine, xlif + perc screws, crani for aneurysm w/ intraop angio) do you log that as one?  Do you keep anything else as a log?  I've seen moleskin notebooks with patient stickers or info.  I've seen binders of op notes.  One guy had a searchable database with pdfs.
Interested to know what people think about this.
I keep an excel sheet of all my cases on top of the ACGME list. Assist I put for where it was basically opening/closing (for example, doing incision and bovie-work down to lamina or making incision, exposing the skull and putting burr holes). Senior would typically be when I was double scrubbed with a more senior resident and often consists of some of the technical stuff such as doing the initial laminectomy bone work or turning the crani and opening dura. Lead would be doing at least some of the critical portion of the case like putting in the screws on my side and doing the cortisectomy and tumor debulking. Almost all combo cases are technically supposed to count as one case. My general rule of thumb is if I have to reposition, reprep, and redrape then it counts as a second logable case. For example, I think it is reasonable to dual log a front back cervical case but I don't double log bilateral cranis for subdural hygroma nor do I double log a spine tumor that requires a fusion or an EVD placed due to cerebral edema encountered intraop. I think the technical rule is you cant log a patient twice in the same day but ultimately no one is looking all that closely.
I've heard they dont count for toward the ACGME minimums if you list it as assist. Is that accurate?
(04-27-2017, 11:42 PM)Guest Wrote: I've heard they dont count for toward the ACGME minimums if you list it as assist. Is that accurate?


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