Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board ReviewComprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review by Citow. One of the standards for board preparation. Format is more of an outline when compared to Psarros.

Neurosurgery Board Review: Questions and Answers for Self-Assessment by Citow. The associated question book with the Citow review book

Definitive Neurological Surgery Board Review by Psarros. The other standard for board review. The format is more of a narrative as opposed to Citow

Intensive Neurosurgery Board Review: Neurological Surgery Q&A by Psarros. The associated question book with the Psarros book. Many questions are very similar to those found on the ABNS primary exam

3rd Ed Colen Flash Review: Neurosurgery - Neurosurgery Board Review by Colen. High yield flash cards for rapid review. Also associated iPhone app available in iTunes store

The Essential Neurosurgery Companion by Gasco. Question book that covers the majority of the material on the primary exam. The style of questions, however is not similar to the exam


Inova Neuroradiology and Neuropathology review. Formerly known as AFIP, this course is a week long review of neuropathology and neuroradiology, in February.

Chicago Review Course. This is an 11-day course that covers a multitude of topics that are relevant to the ABNS exam. The faculty roster is often jam-packed with superstar neurosurgeons from around the country, lecturing on their specific area of expertise.