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Tobacco Use
I noticed that Methodist Neurosurgery is one of the programs requiring that residents/fellows abstain from tobacco.  They test for nicotine as part of their pre-employment physical.  If someone tests positive for nicotine, they can lose their job.  Is this becoming a trend at neurosurgery programs?  Does anyone else know of any programs/hospitals that ban tobacco?
Henry ford
Time to put the Juul away
This shit is stressful.  Tobacco is not illegal.  What adults choose to smoke is their business.  Rules like this are childish.  Whats the big deal if an adult chooses to smoke cigarettes in the privacy of their own home.
wayne state
I think it’s instituational policy at Methodist
Employers have a vested interest in large employer owned health insurance programs to reduce their risk pool. There is direct financial benefit as they direct insure. As such they are free to demand that as an independent entity people don’t do certain actions . Don’t work there. You have a choice in the same.

The pressing question of any actual worthy concern is whether the State can do that. This would imply that the government run hospitals could regulate personal behavior otherwise legal and financially taxed. I see Wayne State listed above.
don't worry, wayne state is not run by the government, it's tenet owned. you still can't smoke though
Cleveland Clinic as well
OP here.  The problem isn't hospitals banning smoking on their grounds....thats understandable.  The real problem is them controlling your private lifestyle and requiring a physical that tests for nicotine.  Is this a nationwide thing?

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