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  Any numbers on fellowship competitiveness? Which are more/less competitive?
Posted by: Guest - Today, 12:57 AM - Forum: Fellowship application - No Replies

Any numbers on what are chances of obtaining fellowship? e.g. similar to how NRMP releases numbers on residency acceptance rates

Specifically, interested in peds if anyone has that data.

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  Programs on probation
Posted by: Guest - 04-15-2024, 09:24 PM - Forum: General resident issues - Replies (7)

Anyone know what programs are on probation this year?

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Posted by: Guest - 04-14-2024, 07:03 PM - Forum: How to prep for applications - Replies (4)

Hey everyone. Current M3 at a T4 Caribbean school hoping to apply neurosurgery. Just got my step 2 score back and I scored 289. I know it is almost impossible to match coming out of the Caribbean, but I'm hoping that my step and evaluations can help programs potentially overlook my school rank. I currently have 10 publications with 6 first author and ~40 total research items. Do I have any chance at matching?

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  Two subIs in the same city
Posted by: Guest - 04-12-2024, 07:32 PM - Forum: Sub-internships - Replies (9)

The two sub-Is I ended up being accepted for are both in the same city, one academic, the other less so, both top 30 dox on the east coast; I applied to several on the west coast and either was rejected or didn't hear back yet. Will this bite me in the butt? I might be able to rotate a much lower tier west coast program, but am unsure how to best proceed.

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  USC subI
Posted by: Guest - 04-10-2024, 01:46 PM - Forum: Sub-internships - Replies (8)

1. Has USC released subIs for July/August yet? I have yet to hear anything.

2. What is the subI like in terms of hours, letters, etc. Obviously this might be a bit premature as I haven't heard back yet.

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  4 Sub-Is
Posted by: userguest1000 - 04-09-2024, 04:09 PM - Forum: Sub-internships - Replies (10)

What is the verdict on whether doing 4 sub I rotations?

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  Overcoming poor didactic grades as an MD PhD
Posted by: Didacticfailure - 04-08-2024, 08:35 AM - Forum: USMLE - Replies (8)

Hello. I did very poorly my first two years (some Cs, rest Bs) and a low 22x step 1. Since then I've done my PhD,  with 7 first author basic research papers (no cell/nature) Inc one in science translational and 4 in neuro journals, multiple other co authorship, and 7 other papers from other experiences from.my gap and first year. All are research articles except for 3 review papers.

I'm in 3rd year now and have been networking like crazy and trying to bump up my publications with NSG faculty. Assuming I do well on Step 2 and clerkships do I have a chance especially for academic and research oriented programs? I'm trying to decide if it's even worth putting myself through the SubIs and competitive match if I have no chance. I'm considering dual applying if I go for it but I'm concerned it will look bad if I do a non surgical specialty as a back up.

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  MD/PHD considering a career in gene therapy/functional neurosurgery
Posted by: neurosurgeryhubusername - 04-08-2024, 02:20 AM - Forum: General interest - No Replies

I'm an MD/PhD considering a career in functional neurosurgery. My interest primarily stems from the recent advances in functional neurosurgery especially for things like DBS, focused ultrasound, and gene therapy.  Functional really seems to be at the forefront of therapeutic advancement in these fields.I'm particularly inspired by some of the gene therapy programs at places like Ohio State (Dr. Bankiewicz, Dr. Lonser), Arizona (Dr. Paul Larson), UCSF, and Cornell (Dr. Kaplitt), which are all propelled forward by neurosurgeons. I totally realize gene therapy is in its infancy but I think it will be much further along 1- years from now and ripe for further advancement and implementation by the time I am done. 

 My background is in biomedical engineering and I ultimately envision a career where I treat neurodegenerative and genetic diseases. I initially thought about pursuing this route as a neurologist but it seems it's really the neurosurgeons who are driving innovations in treatment delivery. It's not the only reason I would consider NSG over neuro (I also really liked the OR including procedures "tangential" to my core interests like tumor removal and neurotrauma, working with my hands, etc). I want to be in a role where I am implementing the treatments rather than only doing the pre-op/post-op evaluations (which I assume is the responsibility of the collaborative neurologist in these procedures).

- What are your thoughts on the future stake of functional neurosurgeons in these procedures, especially as there is an emphasis on minimal or non-invasive procedures. Do you think it will be possible for neurologists to get more involved and perhaps even drive focused ultrasound procedures and gene therapy programs in the next 10-20 years or will it likely remain the domain of neurosurgeons. I was at one point considering neurointerventional IR through the neurology route and am wondering whether a similar turf war may brew as neurologists get involved in some of the more "minimally" invasive procedures.

- I keep hearing mixed reviews about enveloped fellowships. As an MD/PhD, my route is already pretty long and while I think I am fine with a 7 year residency that includes an enveloped fellowship, the thought of doing another 1-2 years afterwards does honestly deter me from pursuing this path. I read a few posts saying that enveloped fellowships are on the way out but I've primarily seen this stated for spine, skull base, and endovasc. Is there a similar outlook for functional?

- While there is a strong stigma against successful surgeon-scientists, it does seem like functional neurosurgery is the one space where neurosurgeons appear to have consistent success. In addition to the examples I mentioned above, it seems like there are more who run basic science labs, particularly in neurocircuitry and mechanisms of epilepsy.

OP here. One additional question I wanted to ask is what does the life of a functional neurosurgeon look like? I was having a hard time finding this online but did talk to a few mentors and from the ones I talked to it seems like it's relatively chill especially if you're doing research. The procedures are more elective, so can be planned in advance and depending on the institution, you can limit time on call. A lot of that extra time seems to then be used to write grants and do research.

I only talked to two functional neurosurgeons so I'm hoping to get a more general perspective.

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Posted by: Guest - 04-07-2024, 02:49 PM - Forum: How to prep for applications - Replies (6)

Hello. Current MS1 here. How are Master degrees looked at in terms of applications? Regardless, I would like to take the masters because I want to go into academics, but just want to know how it’ll be perceived. I am thinking about doing the Masters of Clinical Research, but I may also do another science oriented one.

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  Programs on the Rise?
Posted by: Guest - 04-06-2024, 11:05 AM - Forum: On the trail - Replies (30)

Which programs would you say are trending upwards and are positioned to have a good future

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