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Should I stop pursuing neurosurgery? (low step 1)
Dear all,

This forum has been very helpful for me to plan for my future. Because of my STEP 1 score (224-226), I am reconsidering if I should still pursue neurosurgery. I would love a completely honest appraisal, and I am open to any constructive feedback. I love this field, and if I still had a chance I would take it in a heartbeat.

Things going for me:
- Significant interest in neurosurgery research (multiple first author pubs -- including first author basic science paper in decent journal).
- AANS presentation(s)
- Elite home program
- Decent relationships in home program with neurosurgery researchers + surgeons
- 2 awards during the first year of med school

Things going against me:
- Low STEP 1 score (224-226)
- Average preclinical grades at best (p/f curriculum)
- Not much OR experience
- No clinical grades yet, starting 3rd year in about a month.

Thank you!
I know several people that matched with step scores around yours this year and last. You just have to have everything else nailed down, get great letters, and have a little dash of luck. Don’t be hell bent on a top program though. It could happen, but the odds are long.

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