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repeat 1st year in med school
so i am going to have to repeat my first year in august, because i failed my class in the fall of 2019. i am no longer at school. and i was wondering, how to make amends so i may still get a chance for neurosurgery? and what do you recommend me to do from now until classes begin in august?

i am not fishing for false hope, but i just wanna know how bad it is and how to make it up, if i can... 

why did i fail? a relationship ended in novemeber/december. not a valid reason i know but it is what happened.
you have to retake the entire year because of one class? that's ridiculous. what kind of school are you going to. sounds fishy
right, so it is not technically repeating the entire year' classes, since i am not taking classes now. so it is like re-starting with a new class.
Are you at a carribean school?
No matter what specialty you apply to this could be an issue. On your application for residency, medical licensure, hospital accreditation, you'll have to explain why you had to repeat a year. If you're able to do great going forward and do very well on your steps then it may not be an issue. With that being said, all the above mentioned bodies will have questions about commitment and ability to do your work in the face of adversity. I would say take a good hard look at yourself and make sure this is the career path you want to take. If so then put this all behind you, work hard, and show that it was a momentary set back. If it's not what you want to do then find a new career. I do say this in a kind way. It's expensive, time consuming, as you've experienced, can be difficult for relationships and life. You're bright and I'm sure you would succeed at another career path if that's what you choose.

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