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Preparing for Residency
Any practical tips for quarantined MS4s who suddenly have a lot of downtime and no travel? Anything you wish you had done to prepare for intern year?
Watch every Rhoton lecture. Try to learn Spanish (use duolingo).
Learn some other skill or pick up a hobby. You'll spend most of your time in residency learning neurosurgery on the job or when you go home and study for boards. I'd ignore all neurosurgery now, pick up a topic or hobby outside of medicine.

For me, i got into finance and investing, reading books, starting a (very) small fund to play with. It's nice to unwind every now and then with something completely unrelated to neurosurgery or medicine in general.
Publish and then publish.

Review GCS/coma exam/cranial nerves, modified fisher, hunt hess, ASIA scale, dermatomes/myotomes. Review SIADH v DI v CSW.

Review CT and MRI for bleeds, tumors, cavernoma/AVM, aneurysms, stenosis on Radiopaedia, aging of blood on MR is useful.

Enjoy your last freedom

Make extra money if you need it
Osborn's neuroradiology.
(03-18-2020, 09:00 PM)Guest Wrote: Osborn's neuroradiology.

Thx. Any other gems for neuroanatomy?
(03-18-2020, 10:33 PM)Guest Wrote:
(03-18-2020, 09:00 PM)Guest Wrote: Osborn's neuroradiology.

Thx. Any other gems for neuroanatomy?

Osborne and Rhoton, that's all you need
Rhotons for anatomy, Greenberg for disease entities and treatments. Osborne’s isn’t bad, I found it somewhat slow reading. Also “neurosurgery explained” isn’t a bad resource considering it’s an absurdly easy and fast read, and very cheap
Would say Osborn’s over Greenberg. Greenberg is just not useful tbh.

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