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Step 3 before intern year starts?
I start my intern year in July of this year and in light of all the self-quarantining, I was wondering if it would be a good/bad idea to take step 3 before the beginning of my intern year. I realize I have to graduate before I can register for Step 3. I'm asking if it would be in my best interest to study for Step 3 now, register immediately after graduation in late May and take it.
I would check if the test centers are open. I know some (all?) have been closed recently
Benefit is that it would be nice to get it done and not have to think about it ever again. Downside is that some (most?) programs will pay all or part of the cost to take step 3. I assume if you take it before starting residency it would come out of your pocket, but maybe you can arrange it with the coordinator.
prometric closed Sad
wow anyone know when they will re-open?
This is actually kind of besides the point. They won’t certify you to take step 3 until your school sends the FSMB a list of all graduating new doctors from yo her medical school, which even if they send immediately takes 12 weeks for the FSMB to certify. I didn’t know this, and signed up only to have 2 weeks during the beginning of intern year to take it. Some schools may submit the info faster, but it seems hard to do. I would just wait.

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